the Joys of Giving



The KCPM Trust is steered forward by the noble mission to

“improve lives by educating and ensuring the welfare of the needy.”

The KCPM Trust envisions to achieve this mission through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as public funding, and thereby investing in social and community activities.

The Trust serves to address the educational and financial support of its employees in need, take care of the educational journey of under-privileged children, ensure the employability of individuals through skill development, empower women as well as children, develop communities and ultimately, uphold the well-being of senior citizens in the sunset years of their lives. Among the objectives of the KCPM Trust is to open, take over or run educational institutions such as schools, colleges, special coaching centres, medical institutions that are designed to impart knowledge. The trust also aims to promote academic, technical and vocational training institutes, schools, colleges, coaching centres designed to impart knowledge and to promote academic, technical and vocational education and training. In the process, KCPM also hopes to join hands with hospitals, clinics and other institutions providing comprehensive medical care to provide training for nurses and other paramedical staff as well as conduct seminars, workshops and clinics on medical care and nursing. Setting up, taking over and/or running libraries, reading rooms as well as other centres of learning research centre, with the sole intention of providing opportunities to those students of the institutions run by the Trust who aspire for intellectual, scholastic pursuits.