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Building Equitable

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Building Equitable

Communities for All

KCPM Trust

About KCPM Trust

K C Pappachan Memorial Trust, also known as the KCPM Trust (Reg. No: 194/IV/2013) is a philanthropic undertaking of the Australian-based business group, Health Careers International. Established in 2013, the KCPM Trust applies knowledge, creativity and available resources to the most challenging issues in the community and ensures meaningful opportunities for the socially and financially-challenged.

The KCPM Trust is the collective vision of an altruistic group of professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives in India. We hope to bring together like-minded individuals, families, foundations and businesses to build better communities and make a meaningful impact in the lives of the less fortunate.

Our Vision & Mission

The KCPM Trust is steered forward by the noble mission to

“improve lives by educating and ensuring the welfare of the needy.”

The KCPM Trust envisions to achieve this mission through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as public funding, and thereby investing in social and community activities.

The Trust serves to address the educational and financial support of its employees in need, take care of the educational journey of under-privileged children, ensure the employability of individuals through skill development, empower women as well as children, develop communities and ultimately, uphold the well-being of senior citizens in the sunset years of their lives.

Express Your Interest

We bring you a great opportunity to lend a helping hand to society. Express your interest in reaching out to the needy and together, we can accomplish our charitable goals in the most rewarding way.

KCPM Trust

Suggest a Project

We encourage you to celebrate the joys of giving by suggesting a noble project that serves to uplift the community, its people and the locality they live in.

KCPM Trust

Invest in a Project / CSR

It is the generosity of altruistic donors that has made our communities a healthier, equitable place for all. Participate in a KCPM Trust Project that is close to your heart and achieve so much more with your thoughtful giving.

educating a child
is empowering the nation

It is the generosity of altruistic donors who have touched millions of lives that has made our communities a healthier, equitable place for all.

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Women's empowerment
is intertwined with respect for human rights.

Empowering the women and children in each community is the first step towards building a healthy community. KCPM Trust mentor women to be self-sufficient by empowering them with adequate education and employment.

KCPM Trust